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Art Happening: 'Ashe to Ashes: Dust to Dust' 2019
Artist: Cynthia Fleischmann
Drone Photographer: Alex Medina (www.alexmedinaproductions.com)

I'm an Artist, Visionary, Dreamer & Global Citizen.

I believe New Year's Eve is a universal time to review the year and start fresh with intentions for HARMONY & POSITIVE IMPROVEMENTS. 

Do you agree?

Yet, around the world, Cities & individuals celebrate with Fireworks, creating environmental issues, frightening animals and blowing up money to create health & pollution problems.

(More on Fireworks: www.ConnectForPeace.org/fireworks).


Fireworks are beautiful and exciting to watch, but in a world that needs an environmental facelift, fireworks are high on the list of controversial traditions to be questioned. 

With new & exciting advancements in technology, Drone-Light Shows are the perfect replacement for Fireworks.

They are elegant & captivating with endless visual possibilities and potential to grow.

(More on Drones: www.ConnectForPeace.org/drones)

To support a positive start to the year, Cities would act as role-models by exchanging firework shows with drone light shows accompanied with music & projection mapping on buildings. 


As a deliberate statement by the City to advocate for considerate action towards each-other, environment & animals, the HARMONY STRAND would be displayed for three minutes, dancing to instrumental music within the show.

The elegant visual agreement for HARMONY displayed by Cities around the World on New Years Eve will connect us energetically for considerate action, environmental harmony and positive change.

The HARMONY STRAND has strength and elegance to remind us of our vibrational similarities & connected humanity.


'Ashes to Ashes; Dust to Dust' 2019

Artist: Cynthia Fleischmann

Drone Photographer: Alex Medina

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  • Bodypaintography